Consular Processing

Individuals living in another country can apply for a green card (permanent residency) or a visa for the United States if they have a family member who is legally residing in the USA and is petitioning on their behalf. In order the get a green card or visa from abroad, an individual who is the beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition and has an immigrant visa number immediately available may apply at a U.S. Department of State consulate abroad for an immigrant visa in order to come to the United States and be admitted as a permanent resident. This pathway is referred to as Consular Processing.

Obtaining a green card through consular processing

Consular Processing is the process of receiving the green card outside the United States at an American embassy or consulate.  Foreign nationals who are currently in the United States, have been in the United States in the past, or have never been in the United States might be eligible. The Delgado Law Firm has over 15 years of experience helping foreign nationals navigate through their consular processing. Contact us today to setup up a consultation at either our Naples Florida office, Davie Florida office or online. We also invite you to connect with us on social media.

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