E-1 and E-2 Investor Visa

These are visas to work in the United States as an investor or as an employee of the company that has made an investment in the United States. The investor must be from a country that has a qualifying treaty with the United States. The spouse of the E Visa beneficiary is allowed to obtain Employment Authorization. The investment must be substantial. The E-1 Visa requires money and product exchange between the Investor’s country and the U.S. The E-2 Visa only requires the substantial investment in the U.S. The E-2 Visa only requires the investor to be a national of a country with a qualifying treaty and not actually been born, or reside in that country. Having the country’s passport suffices. The spouse and children younger than 21 years can also enter the United States for the duration of the visa. Also, this visa allows the beneficiary to seek permanent residence through other means such as Labor Certification, Visa Lottery, Marriage to an American citizen, etc. However, E visa holders may have to leave the United States in order to become permanent residents.

The list of treaty countries can be seen at the following link:


E-1 and E-2 Visa requirements:

  1. To be national of a country that has a qualifying investment treaty with the USA
  2. A substantial investment in the USA
  3. The E-1 Visa requires maintaining a substantial flow of money and products between the USA and the investor’s country; the E-2 visa only requires a substantial investment in the USA.

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