B-1 and B-2 Visas For Visitors, Business or Pleasure

Holders of these types of visas are not authorized to work or study in the United States. Visitors for Business (B-1) may enter the U.S. to perform activities related to their job abroad, such as attend conferences, shows, or seminars, buy merchandise, meet suppliers and distributors, etc. Visitors for Pleasure (B-2) are admitted for leisure travel or tourism. If more time is needed to remain in the United States in such status, it is possible to request an extension of stay or even a change of status to a different non-immigrant status.

These types of visas are issued by the American Consulate or Embassy abroad. Applicants must demonstrate a clear intention to return to their home country, financial resources, among other requirements. Visa issuance is discretionary and the decision is made by the Consular Officer.

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Non-Immigrant Visas

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